• Exploitation of natural stone quarries:
    – Luxembourg sandstone
    – Dolomite
    – Limestone
  • Exploitation of ArcelorMittal slag heaps (blast furnace).
  • Exploitation of electric arc furnace (EAF) slag.
  • Exploitation of dumps for inert materials.
  • Recycling and valorisation of inert and demolition materials.
  • “SACAL products” in bags and big bags.

Exploitation of Slag heaps

CLOOS S.A. is a partner of ArcelorMittal for the treatment of blast furnace and electric arc furnace slags. These materials, certified by the Luxembourg Road Administration guarantee a constant quality thus meeting the quality requests of the customers.

Exploitation of natural stone quarries

In parallel to the recycling activity of by-products from the steel industry, CLOOS also produces a wide range of natural materials extracted, crushed and screened in four natural stone quarries spread over the countries of the Greater Region. These materials are CE 2+ certified, available in various granulometries and deliverable directly to the customers’ sites.

Solution for inert waste

Thanks to its various landfills, CLOOS offers storage solutions for inert waste coming from the entire construction sector within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. After a strict preliminary check of the quality of inert waste in order to verify compliance with regulatory requirements, the inert material are implemented on our various sites for their final disposal.

Sustainable development

Protecting the environment and sustainable development are important issues for CLOOS. The company’s desire is to ensure high quality production while limiting any possible environmental damage as much as possible. To achieve this objective, CLOOS undertakes to implement the best available techniques, to continually adapt its work equipment to the latest environmental standards and to optimize its production processes in order to reduce energy consumption, and thus gain in environmental efficiency.