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"Freintes " - WASTE

The “freintes” – waste are the residues of the wagons loaded with scrap iron for the supply of the electric arc furnaces of ArcelorMittal. The delivery of iron scrap to the iron and steel industry is generally made by railroad wagons. However, the process of unloading these coaches per magnet does not allow emptying them completely. The aim to reach is the total recycling of this waste: “Zero Waste - Zero Cost”

In 2002 ProfilARBED and ARES (ARCELOR group) signed a contract with CLOOS   for the treatment of this waste. The development of this project was founded on an environmental problem in Europe, resulting from the transition in the European iron and steel industry from blast furnace towards electric arc furnace: some 120.000 tons of these residues of coaches were stored on various sites in Luxembourg, whereas the European production amounted to approximately 1.000.000 tons per year.

Until CLOOS developed its plant for the treatment of this waste, there was no solution in the European Community to manage the handling of this kind of mixed waste on the basis of an ecological and economical concept.

The waste coming from the various sites is conveyed by truck for intermediate storage on asphalted surfaces, before loading into the pre-processing installation specially designed for this purpose. The large iron particles are then removed by a magnetic separator. This iron is taken back by the iron and steel industry for re-use in its electric arc furnaces. The remaining material is separated by screening into three fractions: 0/60, 60/100 and 100/350. The greatest fraction 100/350 is sorted manually into wood, plastic, scrap, non-ferrous fractions and stones for recycling. The average fraction 60/100 is treated in an existing modified installation and separated into iron, non-ferrous material, light fractions intended for the incineration and stones (recycling). This treatment is the same one for the fine fraction 0/60. During the process, the very fine particles are separated into fines and magnetic fines. The various selected materials are then processed by specialized companies.

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