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Two phase recycling installation

Video dated: 16.10.2008

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In its quarry in Bridel and on the territory of the former slag pile of Mondercange CLOOS exploits waste dumps for inert material.

The waste dump in Mondercange, where work began in March 2007, is filled  in several phases over a duration of 9 years in accordance with the “Plan directeur sectoriel” (in general the dumped material consists of un-polluted excavated earth. This way to proceed will allow the subsequent use of this site as recreation area.

In Bridel the company exploits a sandstone quarry. Progressively with the exploitation of the sandstone, released spaces are filled with inert materials, to reconstitute the topography of the place later on.

At the same time inert materials which can be recycled are stored on storage areas while waiting for their recycling in special mobile plants. The materials thus recycled are then re-used in the construction of ways and roads. While waiting for their sale to the customers they are stored on the surface of recycling.

On the dumps the trucks are weighed on their arrival. At the same time the loading is controlled visually, because only not contaminated matters are accepted. According to the loading the truck either is directed towards the surface of recycling, or towards the land filling area.
To avoid possible emissions of dust or noise, embankment are implemented according to the following principle:

  • Installation of delimitation slopes around the surface of land filling

  • Successive layers of land fill can thus be built into the thus protected area.

The unloading of the trucks is controlled again. After unloading, the trucks must obligatorily pass in the wheel wash installation before leaving the building site.

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