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Slag base from incineration plants

The slag base results from the incineration of household rubbish in specialized plants. Their processing and their use in road engineering are somewhat common across Europe. However, the processing used by CLOOS is original and unique: it consists in coating the slag base with bituminous emulsion after crushing. Thus it is possible to valorize a product initially considered as waste and to increment its added value on a technical level with good mechanical and physical characteristics.

Already in 1991 the idea went up for collaboration between the Ministry of Public Building, the Ministry of Environment, the SIDOR and CLOOS for the use of slag base in road construction. On November 7, 1995 a convention was signed between the above mentioned parties for the processing of the slag base. In 1998, CLOOS has started a special plant, at the top of technology, and corresponding to the environmental requirements, particularly with regard to the reduction of noise and dust emissions. 

Before processing, slag base undergo a special treatment:
In a first step, the slag base is stored for “maturation” during several months in a specially designed hall. During this time, in the framework of internal controls at CLOOS, they undergo a whole series of tests and analyses, enabling the definition of their quality and characteristics. In addition the infrastructures contain a controlled system for the recovery of rain water and percolation. Those are also recycled since they are added during the processing of the slag base.

Once the period of maturation completed, the slag base is crushed and screened in an adapted plant. In this same plant magnetic elements (steel) and not-magnetic metals (aluminum, copper…) are extracted with special equipment. The product obtained is an aggregate corresponding to the requirements defined by Road Administration. This aggregate is then coated in a cold coating plant. Coating makes it possible to encapsulate possible foreign substances contained in the slag base and to thus cancel the risk of lixiviation.

The integrality of this high quality base-emulsion is used by the Road Administration in the field of road construction.

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