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Two phase recycling installation

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Blast furnace slag

The slag of blast furnace forms part, on the same basis as slags of electric arc furnaces or LD-converters, of the range of iron and steel by-products. It is generated during the manufacture of the cast iron in the blast furnaces and is composed of the gangue of the ore, fluxes and ashes of fuels.

Since decades iron and steel industry transforms in blast furnaces the iron ores into pig iron being used for the production of steel of all natures. The by-product which results from it after discharge in pits and cooling is an artificial rock of clear grey color called SLAG OF BLAST FURNACE (LHF), having well defined chemical, physical and mechanical characteristics.

Today the exploitation of the LHF results exclusively from material poured on dumps going back to 30 - 100 years. Thus slags of fresh production are not available any more on the market.

In order to dislocate materials in the dump a preliminary step consists of a shifting, activity carried out by a bulldozer equipped with a ripper. Then several crushers of the jaw types, percussion and gyratory are used to reduce primary materials into crusher-run aggregate in dimensions required by the customer. Finally, due to iron separation through electromagnets and screening in several stages the aggregates reach their final characteristics such as granulation, form and cleanliness index.

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