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Recoverable raw material

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33, Route De Belval
Boite Postale 71
L-4001 Esch-Sur-Alzette

Tel.: +352 57 03 73 - 1
Fax: +352 57 03 73 - 209

History and developments of Cloos


The definite authorizations by the Luxembourg authorities for the exploitation on Luxembourg territory are obtained in January. Beginning of operations in October. First implementation of EAF ("Arcstone" ®1/3 Shell Grip on the Esch-Luxembourg motorway)

Ehlerange dump:
Dismantling of the old fixed installation and replacement by mobile installations

startup of a new bulldozer Liebherr PR 784 LPG in August

beginning of exploitation on a residuary dump in Dudelange



Differdange: Displacement and enlarging of the "Arcstone" ® installation
Sacal activities: start of the commercialization of "Rhine Sand"
Mondercange: opening of a landfill for inert materials in March
Rabenborner Steingrube: a new Liebherr excavator 984C is delivered


At the beginning of the year Cloos starts the exploitation of a slag dump in Romania near the town of Hundoara. Migration of the existing data processing system towards SAP.
Bridel: startup of a new crushing and screening installation.
Cloos adds a D10T - and a D9T bulldozer of the newest generation to its important engine park.



April: The authorizations for the exploitation of Terres Rouges (French territory) are obtained.
June: Opening of the Terres Rouges building site.


Cloos celebrates its 100th birthday: For 100 years, Cloos has recycled materials for the comfort of Luxembourg.
Since hundred years, Cloos is "the" Luxembourg company specialized in the recycling and the treatment of aggregate materials. Number one material supplier for road and civil construction, Cloos combines advanced technology and respect of the environment for every day wellbeing.

Visit of the Differdange production site by His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri.

At the "POLLUTEC 2002" in Lyon (26. - 29.11.2002) Cloos presents a new system for the recycling of the residues of the metal scrap wagons from Arcelor (waste). "NO WASTE - NO COST"



Differdange: startup of a specific installation for the treatment of electric arc furnace slag "Arcstone" ®.



Bridel - a roller-screen is installed
Differdange - arrival of the first truck charged with slag from the SIDOR incinerating furnace.

Planierraupe D10T



Convention between the Road Administration and Cloos for the promotion of slag from electric arc furnaces of ARBED

Contract signed with DUOS for the delivery of the installations of treatment of the slags of the SIDOR incinerating furnace.

Acquisition of a second mobile installation for recycling called "UTN II"


All the weigher-scales are programmed to emit weighing tickets.



Signature of an exclusive contract for the treatment of slag base from the SIDOR incinerating furnace.


Signing of a contract with ARBED valid until 1998 for the exploitation of all slag dumps located on Luxembourg territory. Record sales of blast furnace slag : 5,2 million tons
Large building site: a motorway called "Collectrice du Sud" - building site entrusted to an important French group. Computerization of all the weigher-scales



Differdange - New crushing plant and creation of an internal laboratory


Belval-Raemerich - New crushing plant and acquisition of the mobile machines: excavators, chargers, trucks.



Terres Rouges II - installation of a screening and dosing station to guarantee the granulometry of the 0/50 mm
Dudelange II - crushing plant for slag ex-dump in 0/50 mm
Differdange I and II - extraction of slag ex-dump for:

Sale as raw slag in order to be kept the fresh slag for the crushing of fine aggregates.

To incorporate in the pits with the fresh slag to increase the quantities intended for crushing.


Dudelange II - extraction plant of the raw slag ex-dump especially for 0/250 mm for the construction of the motorway and the marshalling yard in Bettembourg.



Terres Rouges II - Adaptation of the installation for the use of the slag ex-dump for 0/50 mm


Differdange II - 2nd crushing plant for fine aggregates



Differdange - installation of a hot mix plant with a capacity of 100 t/hour
Belval-Raemerich - extraction plant for raw slag


Differdange - Revision and complete rebuilding of the installation



The contract for exploitation of slag in Differdange is renewed and prolonged by ARBED


Dudelange and Differdange - Enlarging of production sites



Creation of "Etablissements Félix Cloos S.à.r.l."


The repair shop is installed in Esch-sur-Alzette



Set-up of weigher-scales balances for trucks on production sites


Startup of a crushing plant



1st contract with HADIR for the exploitation of slag in Differdange


New hot mix plant "Leine III-Alfeld" at Terres-Rouges - capacity: 40 t/hr



Mr Felix (Boy) Cloos jr starts his activity


1st hot mix plant at Terres-Rouges as well as dust extraction equipment



Extension of the installations - acquisition of gyratory crushers, screens, conveyors and of the first shovel excavators.
Continuous enlarging and modernization of production equipment according to requirements


Mr. Rudy Cloos becomes head of the company due to the disease of his father.


1922 bis 1945

1st contract with ARBED for the exploitation of slag in Dudelange
Extraction of the slag by handwork


Transfer to the city of Esch-sur-Alzette
1st contract with ARBED for the exploitation of slag at Terres-Rouges



Foundation of the company by Mr. Felix Cloos senior in Maizières-les-Metz